RLSC Trail Conditions Report

November 30, 2015 

 Please see our grooming videos

General Trail Update

Trail work volunteers needed. Please contact Mike Koob or Brian for dates and tasks.

ITS 89 Between R-1 (Depot Street) and Rev-It-Up has been closed officially to Snowmobiles and ATVs per the landowner.

Please check the latest trail video for additional information.

***Be Advised that Snowmobiles are NOT allowed to ride on any sidewalks in Rangeley***

Not only is it unsafe, it is Illegal and you will be fined. We have already had a few that almost lost our in town route from riding on the sidewalks.

Open Trails: 0 mi.
Groomed Trails: 0 mi.
Weather: Clear
Temperature: 19.8 F (-6.8 C)

Trail Status Distance (mi.) Details
7-Gulpers Trail (ITS 89)
Junction R12 to Junction R13
Closed 2.5
Baker Brook Trail
Closed 6.0
Bald Mountain Camps Trail
ITS 84 (Bald Mountain Trail) to Bald Mountain Camps and Mooselookmeguntic Lake
Closed 1.5 This trail allows for the quickest access from Mooselookmeguntic Lake to food and lodging at Bald Mountain Camps and to gas, food and snowmobile services in Oquossoc. Groomed as a club trail.
Bemis Trail
Begins at Junction with ITS 84 (Bald Mountain Trail) to Local access to Bemis Road area, Toothacher Is. and Birches Beach area.
Closed 3.2 This trail is groomed as a Club trail from its junction with ITS 84, It allows access to Mooselookmeguntic Lake, Moosehaven, Bemis, Birches Beach and Toothacher Is
Bosebuck Camp Trail
Junction 10 to Bosebuck Mountain Camps
Closed 2.0 Groomed by Bosebuck Mt. Riders Snowmobile Club
Bud Russell Trail
Junction R3 to Junction R13
Closed 5.7 Shared road between R3 and R4. Limited snow as of March 30th.
Cedar Swamp Trail
Junction R5 to Junction R3
Closed 6.3
Dallas Hill Trail (ITS 89)
Junction R1 to Junction R9
Closed 4.2 Officially Closed to ATV and Snowmobile Access between R-1 (Depot Street) to Rev-It-Up by the landowner
East Kennebago Trail (ITS 89)
Junction 13 to Junction TR1 (Eustis Connector)
Closed 7.2 Be aware that the trails after our connection with the Eustis/Stratton Club have changed. ITS 89 into Eustis is much different than it was last year
East Kennebago Mt. Summit Trail
Closed 2.0
Greeleys Pond Trail
Junction R3 to Junction R2
Closed 6.7
Greenvale Cove Trail
Junction with ITS 84 (South Shore Trail) to Provides access to Rangeley Lake
Closed 0.5 Provides access to/from the east end of Rangeley Lake connecting to ITS 84 and gas at Rev-It-Up
Groomer Barn Loop Trail
Closed 3.5 This trail provides access to RLSC Groomer Barn parking. It is the shortest route from Rangeley to E. Kennebago Mt. and to ITS 89 with connections to Eustis.
Gull Pond Trail (ITS 89)
Junction R1 to Junction R2
Closed 2.0 We have invested in major widening and drainage on this trail
Hugh Ogden Overlook Trail
ITS 84, south of Rangeley Lake to Hugh Ogden Overlook
Closed 1.0 New trail - Junction is located on ITS 84, south of Rangeley Lake. Trail is rough and not suitable yet for inexperienced riders. Good views.
Hunter Cove Trail
Junction at Round Pond Trail and Kamankeag Trail to Route 4, Mingo Road to Rangeley Lake at Hunter Cove
Closed 4.1
Kamankeag Trail (Connector Trail 108)
Junction R6 to Junction R7
Closed 6.5
Kennebago Express Trail
Closed 6.0 Closed for logging
The Landing Trail
Junction R12 to Eustis Connector (Junction TR-2)
Closed 6.3 The trails have changed somewhat on the Eustis/Stratton side. The trail to the right goes toward Stratton. The trail fork to the left goes to Tim Pond and ITS 89.
Langtown Trail
Junction R11 to Junction R12
Closed 7.1
M&H Pit Trail
Junction R3 to Junction R12
Closed 5.0
NH Connector Trail (ITS 84)
Junction R10 to NH Border ( NH 20 & NH 145)
Closed 2.0 You need a NH registration to cross into NH. Groomed by Bosebuck Mt. Riders Snowmobile Club
Niboban Trail
Junction with ITS 84 (South Shore Trail) to Provides access to Rangeley Lake & Niboban Camps
Closed 1.8 Provides the shortest connection between ITS 84 and Connector Trail 117 and Rangeley. Requires a long lake crossing. Not recommended after dark or during snow storms.
Notch and Flat Iron Trails (Corridor 108)
Junction R6 to Junction R4
Closed 7.7
Onion Valley Trail (ITS-84/89)
Junction R9 to Madrid (Connector Junction TR4)
Closed 13.4
Oquossoc Rail Bed Trail (ITS 84)
Oquossoc Village to Junction R7
Closed 5.7 Look for a reroute just after you cross Route 16. Use Caution: Where the reroute rejoins the main trail, the trails is shared use for 400 yards with logging trucks.
Parmachenee Lake Loop Trail
Closed Closed for logging. May reopen later this season.
Quill Hill Trail
Junction R2 to Junction R11
Closed 6.3
Quill Hill Overlook Trail
Closed 1.0 Closed for logging.
Rev-It-Up Trail (ITS 84)
Junction R9 to Route 4 crossing
Closed 1.5
Round Pond Trail
Junction R5 to Junction R6
Closed 1.7
Russell Cove/ Moose Alley Trail
Rangeley Lake to Junction R5
Closed 5.2
Samoset Trail
Junction with ITS 84 (South Shore Trail) to Rangeley Lake
Closed 1.4 This trail provides access to Samoset Camps and other homes on the east end of Rangeley Lake. It also is a short cut to gas and services at Rev-It-Up. Requires a ½ mile crossing of Rangeley Lake.
South Shore Trail (ITS 84)
Junction R8 to Greenville Cove & Rev-It-Up
Closed 9.5 Be aware, there are significant changes to the routing of ITS 84 and the junctions for Niboban and Samoset trails have changed.
Sunday Pond Trail
Junction 41 to Aziscohos Lake and Bosebuck Camps
Closed 1.0 Requires a marked lake crossing of one-half mile.
Town Cove Trail
Junction R1 to Rangeley Lake
Closed 2.2

No lake is ever "Safe"!

Please do not attempt to walk, ski or ride snowmobiles on the lakes unless you are absolutely sure that the ice conditions will support you and your equipment. Rangeley has plenty of trails on land for snowmobiling, skiing, snowshoeing and walking. If you must ride on the lakes, use caution.

Support Snowmobiling

Please join a snowmobile club (especially the Rangeley Lakes Snowmobile Club).
We spend $1200 PER NIGHT to groom. We have a 100-day season!!

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