Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much snow will there be the third week of February when my son Jonny and daughter Missy  have their school vacation?
A: After years of assuring friends & family there will be snow on their vacation week and being proven wrong year after year, we've resorted to saying "Rangeley gets snow from Dec - March most seasons..." so come on up and RIDE! 

​Q: What are the trail conditions like?
A: We send out a weekly grooming update on our FACEBOOK page and if you JOIN the club you can get more frequent updates along with snowfall amounts on our FACEBOOK. You can also check out our live TRAIL CAMS to get up to the minute conditions!

Q: Where can I park if I come to the area to ride for the day?
A: Our generous club sponsors have offered up a number of different parking options in the area. Please check HERE for current parking options. Please respect the land owners by carrying out all of your trash.

​Q: I sent in my membership information but have not received my packet in the mail. When can I expect to receive it? 
A: We are streamlining everything this year and we are requesting everyone use the website portal to renew or purchase their membership.  You will receive an email confirmation upon completion. If you would like your membership packet or renewal sent to you please email and we can mail it out. 

Q: I'm new to the sport and would like to rent a snowmobile. Do you rent snowmobiles?
A: The club has a local sponsor that rents a fantastic assortment of snowmobiles and has guided tours available if it's your first time. Please contact Mountain View Adventures and inquire about rentals, tours and basic training classes. 

Q: It's our first time in the area, where do you recommend we eat/stay/shop?
A: We have some excellent local sponsors that we would love to refer you to. Check out the SPONSORS  page which is broken up into dining, lodging, entertainment etc!

Q: Where can I register my snowmobile?
A: Check with our local town office for the current protocols, currently they are allowing one person at a time so please plan accordingly. You can also register online HERE

Q: What's the best way to get to _________ from Rangeley on snowmobile?
A: Please JOIN the club and send these questions to We will do our best to answer questions.  

Q: Are you GROOMING?
A: We typically 
groom 5/6 nights a week, however the weather has to cooperate. The temperature, the forecast and the snow conditions all factor into our decisions. Please check our FACEBOOK page for weekly grooming updates and JOIN Check our website and Facebook page for more specific grooming updates and snow conditions when possible.