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2013 Trail Maps are now available


Maps can also be purchased for $5 locally or $6 by mail. People can order by sending a check to RLSC for $6 to :  RLSC-Map Order, PO Box 950, Rangeley, ME. 04970

Trails connect to all points, north, south, east and west, including the 12,500 mile international circuit throughout Maine and into Canada.  In just a few scenic hours, riders can reach New Hampshire, Stratton, Kingfield, Farmington, Rumford, Jackman and all other destinations throughout the State.  Many of these trails access areas and sights visitors can only see on a snowmobile because they are closed in the summer months.  The RLSC operation is centrally located in the Interconnected Trail System (ITS), New England Snowmobile Trail Network (NEST), and Black Fly Loop.  The State of Maine recognizes the RLSC area of responsibility as one of the key networks in the State.  

Ronald W. Sargent Trail System - In honor of the pioneer and creator of many of the trails that make up the current Rangeley Lakes region snowmobile trails, RLSC has voted to name its trail network after Ronald W. Sargent, the man who spent countless hours clearing and forging many of the trails you ride today. We can only imagine how difficult his task must have been in the days when there were no handwarmers or GPS guidance systems. We owe much to this man and are so grateful for the trail system that he developed.

Respect Your Trail Access!

Remember that our trails are often on private land and are being used with landowner permission. 
Trail access is a privilege, not a right.

Please respect the land you use and obey all trail markers, especially those that request you to "Stay on the Marked Trail". That way we can preserve our trail privileges for everyone in the seasons to come!

"Carry In, Carry Out"

ATV Operation Guide


Plantations, local citizens, and area merchants band together to serve the visiting riders.  The RLSC trails system offers multiply trailside parking areas and has adopted a very liberal snowmobile routing policy through in town streets allowing renters and residents easy access to the lake and trail network.  Trail services and accommodations include driving your snowmobile right up restaurants, clubs, convenience stores, gas stations, and all in town activities in Rangeley and nightlife in our region from the trail network.  Snowmobile access routes and feeder trails allow snowmobilers to access all ITS trails and many lakes and ponds.  Most homes, camps, and cottages in and around our area allow for driving your snowmobile right onto a lake or trail from the driveway.   

There are currently no trail fees to utilize our trails, although numerous fundraisers are held throughout the season to support maintaining and grooming the trail network.  Fundraisers bond the community into action and help support this very important community program.

The RLSC has an excellent rapport with local landowners and paper company land managers.  This harmony allows the club much flexibility when the trail system requires relocation.  In most instances, we have an unlimited land use licenses with the landowners who allow us to operate on their property.  The club goes to extreme lengths to protect the land the owners let us use. 

Maine does not have a trail speed limit.  However, please be aware that wardens are out on the trail and are watching for reckless drivers, imprudent speed, etc.  Even though we have no speed limit, you may receive a summons for excessive speed and driving to endanger.  Please use common sense when riding on any trails. 

2013 Trail Maps are now available


By approval of the Selectmen of the Town of Rangeley: The following streets will be available for residents & renters living on them to ride their snowmobiles to the Rangeley Lakes Region trail system on Rte. 4 located between Allen St. and the bottom of Cemetery Hill. Residents or renters who live on Oquossoc Ave., School St., Allen St., Center St., Cross St., Upper Pleasant St., and Lower Kennebago Rd. from the corner of Cross St. to Route 4, can by snowmobile, access the Route 4 local snowmobile route to the People's Choice feed trail entrance to NEST & ITS trail networks or enter the lake at various points. In addition, residents & renters who live on Lake St. can ride to and from their houses to the lake.

All snowmobiles will be properly registered and obey the rules of the road. Proper hand signals will be given at turns. Snowmobiles will travel at speeds less than 10 mph on the right hand side of the road. Riding on sidewalks and undesignated streets is prohibited. Violators will be prosecuted.


Parking for the SNODEO

Snowmobiling on sidewalks is against the law! Violators will be prosecuted. Also, Snowmobiles are not allowed on Main Street south of Allen St. Please do not use the Local Access snowmobile routes as snowmobile trails. These access trails are for renters and homeowners only.

Parking suggestions:

In Rangeley there is a public lot located right next to the Camp Do What you Wanna store on Main Street. Trail is groomed right to it. In Oquossoc, there is a public lot across the road from Oquossoc  Grocery and Oquossoc Marine allows parking in their extensive lot area. You can also park along Route 16 heading toward Wilson's Mills where the trail crosses the road.

 ATV Operation Guide


Rangeley Lakes Snowmobile Club, PO Box 950, Rangeley, ME  04970