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RLSC Photos

Gregg Silloway photo

Last updated 01/29/12

Got some beautiful scenes, action shots, or people pictures that you'd like to share?

Send 'em in!

2004 SNODEO Photos

Feel free to submit your photographs to RLSC's web site. See below for details on sending in your images. 

More Photos from the 2004 Season

Last update 01/29/2012

Photos from the 2001 season     Photos from the 2002 season     Photos from the 2003 season

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 Grand Falls -
The Heals

Snow smoke, Long Pond  -
Linc Avery

Coburn Mountain- The Heals

 Trio in the sun 1-28-04 -
Carl & Lisa Symes

The lake form Bald Mtn -
Mark Staruk

Trailside vista 1-28-04  - Carl & Lisa Symes

Amay on the trail  - George Wise

Fresh tracks
1-28-04  - Carl & Lisa Symes

Mountain men  - George Wise

 ITS 84/89 1-23-04 -
Michael Bouffard

Trail break
1-23-04 - Michael Bouffard

ITS 89 1-23-04 - Michael Bouffard

 ITS 84/89 1-23-04 -
Michael Bouffard

Trail to Eustis
1-23-04 - Michael Bouffard

Rangeley - Eustis 1-23-04 - Michael Bouffard

Fresh powder, ITS 84 1-17-04 -
Linc Avery

Smooth riding on ITS 84 1-17-04 - Linc Avery

Trail break
1-17-04 - Linc Avery

Cindy feeds the jay, E. Kennebago Mtn - The Heals

Hanging it out on Russell Cove 1-4-04 - Tyler Davis

What's for lunch? - The Heals

Bumble Bee hovering Lac Megantic, Canada  -
The Heals

Thetford Mines - only 135 km back to Maine! - The Heals

Bridge to Canada, halfway from Eustis to Coburn Gore - The Heals

Winter scene 12-27-03 -
Kristian Suttie

Fresh snow Oquossoc 12-27-03 - Paul Owens

Trail break 12-28-03 -
Larry Paul

Haying ITS 84 - Leslie A. Ferguson

Oquossoc 12-27-03 - Paul Owens

New bypass near Beaver Mtn. 11-03 - Leslie A. Ferguson

Volunteer hay crew - Leslie A. Ferguson
Volunteer Trail Crew 11-8-03 - Leslie A. Ferguson

Trail prep in the fog - Leslie A. Ferguson
Photos from the 2003 season


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Mailing in your photos? Please submit them to this address:

Lincoln Avery
33 Sewall Street
Portland, ME  04102

Photographs will be returned to you (at no charge) only if you request. We reserve the right to select pictures we feel are appropriate but will try to get them all posted if possible. Actual photos will be mailed back to you if requested but we are not responsible for damage sustained in shipping. Any accompanying info or captions appreciated!


Submitting your photographs electronically? Try to send them in the best (i.e. highest) resolution possible, preferably as JPEG format. Send images as an e-mail attachment to the webmaster directly.


Rangeley Lakes Snowmobile Club, PO Box 950, Rangeley, ME  04970