Trail Reports

Status: Open
Condition: Good

Tuesday January 31 Trail report

Tuesday January 31 trial update


Good morning folks

Trails conditions have improved. We have been grooming every night and they are shaping up.  We received 2-3 inch’s last night for some refresh and help flatten trails. We encourage everyone to ride midweek if possible for best trail riding. The heavy traffic on the weekends really take a toll on the trails. Please keep in mind that the trails need 8 hours to set up and hold. When sleds are following groomers all night they are making conditions for the next day horrible we know everyone want to get out and ride but if you let the tractors do there job everybody will benefit 


Please aware that the bud Russell rd trail is closed for logging this winter r3 to r4 with shared access on the 108 connector (flat iron road) see below



One last thing we received numerous messages everyday. We won’t answer questions regarding trail conditions the latest reports are on our website and Facebook. Thanks 

Status: Open
Condition: Good

January 26 trail report

Good morning folks 

We received about 6” of snow last night in town. The groomers where out last night and will be out all weekend


Trails are shaping up to be pretty good. There is still some water bars here and there with the rain we have received this month and lack of real cold weather. Please use caution in these areas


Please remember to respect all land owners  and stay on the trails. Also please park in designated areas. There is no parking on Mortin cutoff Lincoln pond rd Canada rd or Tim pond rd


Be safe and Enjoy the trails 


Status: Open
Condition: Fair

Thursday January 19

Welcome to Snodeo weekend 

Groomers and trail crew have been killing it all week getting things in shape and final equipment prep. Thanks to all of them for there hard work

Tractors headed back out last night and will be all weekend as long as weather cooperate. Trails are in early season riding with water and hazards present. Please use caution you don’t know what’s around the next corner. Wood sections have low snow cover. the flat open roads have shaped up pretty well. 
looks like we could see some snow for the next week keep ??????Dancing

Please stay of the lake!!

Weekend events

Thursday casino night 7pm at bald mountain camps

Friday poker run registration 8-10 at boss and Oquossoc marine. Poker ride 8-4 with various stop locations. Poker run finish and card dealing at the groomer barn 3-6. Coffee hot chocolate and music BYOB

Saturday box sled races at mango springs gold course 11-1

Parade start at rangeley in 5:30 fireworks to follow parade