Welcome to the Rangeley Lakes Region, home of the best snowmobile trail systems in Maine.
RLSC is one of the premier snowmobile clubs in the beautiful state of Maine and offers the
flawlessly groomed Ronald W. Sargent Trail System.

Rangeley Lakes Snowmobile Club Trail System:

RLSC owns and operates FIVE state-of-the-art grooming tractors with trail drags utilized to groom a flawless trails network. Our regional trail system boasts one of the largest organized clubs out of 281 in the State of Maine. Our club draws from a solid group of volunteers and paid groomer operators to keep our trail system unmatched in New England. These professionals have refined trail grooming into an art. The typical snowmobile trail is approximately 16 feet wide and manicured to perfection. Our trails are straight and fast.

Trails get groomed late at night, allowing them to freeze to a smooth, solid hard-pack. Grooming late at night allows time for the trail to "set up" and this keeps the trail flatter for a longer period of time. Also, grooming at night is much safer for riders. Meeting a groomer on a corner on the trail in the daytime is very dangerous. The lighting on the groomers at night alert riders that a machine is heading in their direction.

The Maine Snowmobile Association inspected our trails and the reports that came back were very good to excellent. Thank you Trailmasters and our grooming people for your hard work and dedication.

The Club Officers and Board of Directors are as follows: 

Lee Libby, President
Michael Koob, Vice President
Paula Perla, Treasurer
Gisele Nedeau, Secretary
Jon Lewis, Trail Master
Faye Zukowski
Teddy Leahy 
Jake Beaulieu
John Merriman
Brian Clark
Erika Roy 
Eric Pomerleau
Reid Wischnowsky
Bill Lincoln

Status: Closed
Condition: Excellent

trails closed

See you next winter. Thank you for a great season and all the support!

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Wed, Sep 06th, 2023 | Rangeley Lakes

Happy September 2023

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Please stay off logging roads.  Even if roads are not plowed, logging companies still utilize the roads until they are impassable.  Snowmobiling on logging roads is EXTREMELY dangerous!  Log trucks CAN NOT get out of the way or stop quickly.  Continued snowmobiling on these roads could cause a trail closure.  Please don't jeopardize our trail system!


Please do not attempt to walk, ski or ride snowmobiles on the lakes unless you are absolutely sure that the ice conditions will support you
and your equipment.  Rangeley has plenty of trails on land for snowmobiling, skiing, snowshoeing and walking.  If you must ride on the lakes,
please use caution.


Snowmobiles are NOT allowed to ride on any sidewalks in Rangeley.  Not only is it unsafe, it is illegal and you will be fined.